accounting-icon  The Gist Accounting Ontology for $49.00

To perform smart queries throughout your company, this accounting Enterprise Ontology and its Knowledge Graph will do the job, amazingly.

Daily accounting performances.







Competency questions

Shareable knowledge graph for the Financial World


Accounting principles and Universal business Models

$ Recordation of the financial transactions of any business

Basically, all the following competency questions will be addressed by the gist accounting ontology for you, and many more etc.

Question 1) What are the benefits of my company?

  • Know your financial position.
  • Take personnel decisions
  • Monitor your Business Financial Health
  • Track your client's live requirements
  • Create new offers

Question 2) What are our spendings?

Taking a close look at the company's finances becomes insightful

  • Check your account statements
  • Track Business Expenses
  • Categorize your expenses
  • Global Economic Analytics
  • Identify room for change

Question 3) Where do the spendings and benefits come from?

Ascertainment of profit or loss during a period.

  • Monitor your business growth
  • Keep a record of all the transactions
  • Forecast your revenues
  • Take full advantage of the accounting ontology
  • Take some major business purchase decisions

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